About us

Silverleaf is a creative agency specialising in branding and  range strategy.

Silverleaf is a creative agency based in London specialising in branding and brand strategy.

We ensure your business strategy is matched by effective communications and marketing, to get the right results.

We work for a wide range of clients and client projects, from substantial brochures and reports to individual flyers and marketing pieces, from large branding or re-branding projects to small startups.

We have lots more on the site if you need to know more, from branding and design case studies, corporate communications client examples, articles on presentation, communication and branding. We work mostly with central London businesses needing branding help, but have clients from Ghana to Norway, and everywhere in between.

If you have a business project which needs a new brand image, or even just a new web site, a fantastic brochure, an exhibition stand or a social media campaign, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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Email us: inquiries@silverleaf.co
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