Hard To Measure

Hard To Measure

Karen Topp and James Bridgman set up the Hard to Measure initiative after realising that their clients faced similar challenges, despite coming at business projects from very different perspectives (Karen specialises in performance metrics to drive performance, James works with clients to develop effective brands and brand strategies).

With the rapidly changing landscape of business dynamics, particularly with the impact of social media on marketing, brand value, and customer behaviour and expectations, they wanted to develop a better understanding of the issues – and solutions – that businesses can use effectively. With the help of industry-leading professionals across different sectors and expertise, their mission is to develop real (i.e. not just talk!) solutions and approaches for businesses challenged with difficult brand, customer or strategic problems that current ‘best practice’ does not address.

They have already undertaken three roundtable discussions :

  • The Challenges of Reputation :  focussing on the difficulties of managing, measuring and tracking reputation as a key element of business success
  • Costumer Centricity : focusing on the challenges of putting the customer in the centre of business strategy and monitoring its impact on the bottom line
  • Creating a Successful Company Culture : covering how best to create, encourage and maintain a business culture that delivers results
Brand Reputation 
Customer Centricity
Creating a successful company culture

They have also delivered tools for businesses wanting to improve performance in these areas.

The next roundtable discussion will take place the 26th of November in Islington. It will explore the topic of organisational change, and how businesses can (or should)  respond to change externally, and how to create processes, products and services that enable them to thrive. For more information, please visit ‘Hard To Measure’ website.

Embracing Change HTM Invitation 26 Nov


If you are a senior decision maker facing some of these issues, and think you could contribute to this debate, or are interested in attending the seminars, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

Karen Topp & James Bridgman