Our approach

At Silverleaf we like to focus on helping our clients achieve something they can’t get anywhere else – true partnership and integration.

  • Real innovation and an entrepreneurial attitude
    (we help large businesses compete like startups, and startups compete with the big boys)
  • Truly honest and pragmatic
  • Flexible
  • Large project expertise

Branding is about more than presentation and visuals, although of course creating a great visual identity is crucial. If business is to get a real benefit from its brand as an asset, it needs to be used as a strategic tool to grow.

We have a unique toolbox for developing and analysing a brand, developed in house by creative director James Bridgman.

This means we can

  1. Understand brand competitive position, strategic opportunities and key improvement areas
  2. Define how the brand should be used and understood across the organisation, not just the marketing department
  3. Create new brands and redefine existing ones that can deliver ROI
  4. Develop plans for ongoing marketing and brand development in an easy to understand, clear framework for success

We believe this approach, coupled with a passion for creativity and the power of branding leads to great results and great client relationships. Add to the mix 17 years of experience of working with a vast range of clients from blue chips to SMEs and startups, and you can have confidence in Silverleaf as a partner for your next phase of growth.

If you would like to discuss our approach to successful branding, please get in touch by emailing inquiries@silverleaf.co