Brands Day @DigiShoreditch

Brands Day @DigiShoreditch

photo-boardSilverleaf was happy to be among the eager, inspiring – and very warm, thanks to a temperamental air con system – attendees of Brands Day at Digital Shoreditch. There was a great lineup of speakers, and two sessions of ‘Table Top’ discussions with several simultaneous topics across the venue that people could choose to participate in.

Our table top was very well attended – Where’s the Meat? – which we can attribute either to our proximity to the freshly turned on air-conditioning, or our Play Your Cards right for startup statistics game, or (more likely we hope) the genuine need for practical advice for startup companies sorting through digital marketing, branding, and the thousands of opinions out there on how to be the next big thing!

We handed out  a brochure at our table top – if you missed it, here’s a pdf version – “Startup Cheat Sheet“.

Our giveaway for Digital Shoreditch

For a whistle stop tour of the day, here’s a selection of the #ds12 twitter comments that were displayed alongside the events (this was Digital Shoreditch, after all).

The speakers started off with a bang (or a jump, we all spent a few seconds in a social behaviour exercise) with the talk by Mark Earls, @herdmeister

“I’ll have what she’s having” – we are influenced by others, using other social brains to make decisions #ds12


Stephen Pirrie, AnalogFolk “Influencer tools are flawed…you need 2 types of relationships, those that create content, those that distribute it” @tive



@AnalogFolk ‘s @Tive on stock vs flow content – from transactional relationships to creating communities #ds12



“Brilliant butcher analogy used by @abc3d to describe how we slice and dice social data….we’re too focused on brand keywords”



The day finished as it started with a great panel from Mother on their recent work and collaborations, and insight into the changing world of branding in the digital marketing era.

Beck’s case study @motherlondon #ds12 a fantastic brief to look to create an idea to be advertised vs a piece of advertising



Sara Tate from Mother London speaking at DS 12“Great to see Jacob White from @motherlondon giving some airtime to this purchase cycle from McKinsey #ikea #ds12


 <- Sara Tate from Mother London speaking ‘ds12′ during their presentation





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