Are you a Fat Flamingo? Measuring social media influence…

Are you a Fat Flamingo? Measuring social media influence…

Fat Flamingo and Stunted Sparrow, together at lastHow to find the digital influencers?

When figuring out who to connect with on ‘Brands Day‘ at Digital Shoreditch - a major conference for tech startups, digital branding and entrepreneurs – I thought it would be useful to try to visualise how the other speakers are positioned. After all, every persons digital footprint, whether a branding professional, an entrepreneur starting businesses, or simply a company director, is now more and more important in our increasingly connected professional lives – jobs, business opportunities and perceived authority are increasingly defined by an online profile.

There are of course, many implications for businesses too – after all the skills and activity of people in a business largely define the possibilities of what can be achieved – for this short piece, let’s concentrate on people.

So many metrics, so little time…

The first problem – how to measure? There are quite a few online tools and services for measuring social media reach and influence, social sentiment felt towards brands or their campaigns, and general ‘presence’ in the world of social media and online. A short list might include klout, grader, twitalyzer, retweetrank, peerindex, traackr, we trendz pro, twentyfeet, crowdbooster, tweetstats, my web career, viralheat, TheCounter, tweetreach, Kred, addthis, radian6, all doing things slightly differently, and there are many more!

In the end we decided to go for the simplest – and generally available – measures of current ‘social activity’ online: LEGS… twitter followers (ok not always an indicator of influence, but certainly a factor); BODY… Klout (easily looked up for each speaker and is a good broad measure of interaction and reach); and finally FLUFFY TOPKNOT… LinkedIn connections (important to judge their professional connections in this case as well as their day to day interactions).


Plotting the Infographic

Now we had the stats, we needed the graphics! It was generally agreed a twitter-ish bird would be appropriate, to which would be added either a feathery top or a hat (as you can see the feathers won). A few problems, such as a wide variation of twitter followers, meant we had to ‘break’ a few legs, but generally I think it turned out pretty well – what do you think? [by the way I'm a sort of fat sparrow, so need to work on my twitter following!]. Oh yes, and the big legged bird in the middle stretching the telephone wire is Lady Gaga (just for comparison).

Fat Flamingo Infographic

Are you on the infographic? Are you a #stuntedsparrow or #fatflamingo? Let us know what you think via twitter @silverleafteam or in the comments below – maybe we should have used different measurements?

If you want to contact James, you can follow him on twitter (let’s face it, he needs more followers…) @creativexplorer, or email him at


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