Crouch End Festival

Crouch End Festival


This year we have been helping The Crouch End Festival, a new arts festival  in north London. It’s the first year, so there’s been lots to do! We’ve  been doing all the marketing materials, building the web site and online events calendar, and generally helping to pull the whole thing together. I’m also on the organising committee (such as it is) which has added to the amount to do, but has helped to develop a strategy to market it and connect with the community. As it’s all pro bono stuff, it has been tricky fitting it around our other client work, but a few long days, and a flexible schedule, mean we have got it all done.



Visit the Crouch End Festival website designed by Silverleaf


Early in 2012 we ran a logo competition for local creatives, schools and students, which resulted in this logo – a great design by local creative director Juade Cobo. From that we created the rest of the branding and marketing materials, as well as the web site.


From Nothing to Everythinglogo

For the web site we had little content at the start, and no clear idea of how much we would end up (being the first year). The site we created is designed to showcase local artists work and show the community who they can expect to see, and only a month after launching the site, is getting very busy very fast.



But perhaps I should say something about how the festival came about first, and why it’s happening… Last year Chris Arnold, of ad agency Creative Orchestra, set up a Facebook group ‘Crouch End Creatives’ to pull together all the creative folk of Crouch End and get them connected. [For those of you who don't know Crouch End, it's a bit of a creative hotbed on the fringes of central London for designers, artists, actors and musicians - Dave Stewart of Eurythmics fame used to have a studio there, and Ray & Dave Davies of the Kinks set up Konk studios there, to name but two].

Crouch End Flyer4

I met with Chris because of this, as we come from similar industries, and suggested that we should focus on something concrete to focus the creative community’s energies on. Somewhere along the way, more of us met up, a festival was suggested, and things from there seemed to gain their own momentum, as these things do.

There are three objectsfor the creative and arts festival:

  • showcase the talent in the area
  • bring creatives from different displines together
  • engage local people – young and old – in a great local event

Organising a festival

As everyone is doing things voluntarily we are trying to encourage artists and venues to arrange things themselves and let us know so we can put it together. Individuals within different sectors are organising different types of event, from a crafts trail (great job Jacqui, Alex) to bands in cafes and pubs, art exhibitions in all sorts of places, and even a secret cinema. Thanks particularly to Marice as the ‘organising hub’ and Paul and ‘venue supremo’, but so many more are giving their time generously. Check out the web site or twitter feed to find out more about who’s taking part.


tall poster v2


Together with the web site, working from the logo chosen, we designed the marketing materials so we can spread the word and get as many people involved as possible. Branded twitter feeds, facebook posts etc all add to the ‘buzz’ which help to grow the festival and make it a success for everyone. We are now putting up posters and sending out flyers, and with the help of a local estate ageny, Martin Gerard, can cover our costs to print and distribute them throughout the area. With schools now getting interested, we hope it will be a success for the

community as a whole, not just those in the ‘creative’ fields that  take part – I’ll keep you posted!

If you are local to Crouch End and would like to help, participate, or just come along, please let us know via email,<,>  or twitter @crouchendfest – Thanks!