Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan

Mark Dolan is a comedian, writer and TV presenter. Mark asked us to develop his ‘personal brand’, with the aim to help show his catalogue of work on his web site, and present a consistent and professional image across different media, from social media to business cards. With celebrity brands being an increasingly important aspect of a professional life in the public eye, being able to present a consistent and professional image if becoming increasingly important, especially on social media like twitter. We are  working with Mark on his social media presence on an ongoing basis.

He is well known as the host of Channel 4 show Balls of Steel, which he has been presenting since it started in 2005, although more recently he has been the compere in the panel show ‘The Mad Bad Ad Show’ finishing it’s  first season on Channel 4. He is also the presenter of Channel 4 Radio’s satirical show The Weekly Show, which is now in its second series, and the TV documentary series The World’s (Something) And Me, where he meets “the world’s most extraordinary people”, such as The World’s Hairiest Person and The World’s Strongest Child. This series has proved popular and has aired three seasons of documentaries. Dolan first came to the public’s attention in 2002 after writing and performing in a Comedy Lab entitled The Richard Taylor Interviews.

We created a brand that would boost his public profile and define him clearly in the entertainment arena.



We have designed a website where fans can go to receive entertaining content such and contact Mark directly.