The brand of a company is often misinterpreted as the visual identity – the logo and presentation of marketing and advertising. But in fact the brand is the value that the company represents - otherwise the designers at Coca Cola are woefully underpaid! Although they might argue that anyway…

We are unique in our approach because we combine practical problem solving – “what is the right strategy for your business, what are your challenges?” – with creative design and lateral thinking. When you work in a business it is sometimes difficult to think differently about what the possibilities and opportunities are in the future – and our job is to make sure you can build value into your brand by taking those opportunities.

This is why we approach our design work with the business strategy of our clients at its heart, because although we love developing fantastic visual identities, designing logos, print and web designs, and everything else a business needs to project the right image effectively, it won’t make the impact it should unless it is an integral part of the fundamentals of a business growth strategy.

Our key values are honesty, creativity and intelligence – without these values we cannot deliver truly effective solutions for our clients

James Bridgman, Creative Director

If you want to find out more about our approach to branding – if you are thinking about rebranding or starting a new enterprise and need a brand created for you, or just want to meet and discuss our approach – please get in touch.

Also have a look at examples of work on our clients page for more in-depth information.

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