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Weekly Comment: From the Y Generation to the ‘Y Not’ Generation

The latest Hard to Measure Roundtable this week (on ‘Embracing Change’) threw up an interesting point (brought up by attendee Cliff Fluet) — when sharing your experience and life becomes automatic, as is true for the generation growing up now, when do brands start seeing their customer relationships as important as the transactions that follow?

Choose the right brand architecture

Houses need architects, brands need designers, right? In an increasingly fast paced, international business world it’s not enough to create a visual identity, a value statement and some marketing materials and call yourself  a ‘brand’.

Brand like you mean it…

Authenticity above all In these days of multiplying social media channels, ‘second screen’ interfaces, memes and niche communities, it is easy to forget that there are still some fundamental truths about dealing with the brand of your business. After all, branding is not magic, it’s just a mix of common sense, creativity and enough perspective […]

Why Branding is relevant for even the smallest business

When many small business people think about ‘branding‘ they often think about two things – the big consumer brands like Coca Cola, Orange, Nike etc, and the large baffling fees branding agencies seem to charge for the spurious and intangible benefits of following their advice. Terms like “Brand Alignment”, “Brand Awareness” and “Brand Building” makes […]