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The DEVIL is in the details

WHY PRINT AT ALL? When it comes to graphic design, there are big problems out there, and they are getting worse. There is more and more focus on digital media, with print valued less as a primary focus for marketing, and marketing budgets. So on-spec, digitally printed materials are more and more commonplace, high quality […]

Why Branding is relevant for even the smallest business

When many small business people think about ‘branding‘ they often think about two things – the big consumer brands like Coca Cola, Orange, Nike etc, and the large baffling fees branding agencies seem to charge for the spurious and intangible benefits of following their advice. Terms like “Brand Alignment”, “Brand Awareness” and “Brand Building” makes […]

Why Organisation and Perspiration are not enough

There are many challenges when growing a business, most of which become self evident pretty quickly – getting enough customers, getting the product ‘right’ for the target market, managing costs etc – but there are a few problems that often get pushed to the side in the day to day onslaught of activities and issues. […]