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Tools for the ‘Global Technorati’ in 2014

As I got into my Uber taxi last night in Camden, North London, posted my last Instagram record of the band, remembered to thank someone for connecting on LinkedIn (and suggesting to meet up when they were next in the country) it occurred to me that many people around the world were doing the same […]

Weekly Comment: From the Y Generation to the ‘Y Not’ Generation

The latest Hard to Measure Roundtable this week (on ‘Embracing Change’) threw up an interesting point (brought up by attendee Cliff Fluet) — when sharing your experience and life becomes automatic, as is true for the generation growing up now, when do brands start seeing their customer relationships as important as the transactions that follow?

Weekly comment: fat birds and chip wrappers

Where content is king, and crowns are everywhere, trust and brand reputation are everything It was often said that today’s newspapers were only tomorrow’s fish and chip wrappers, but what about today’s publishing industry, with its mix of digital and print, app and web, blogging and video publishing? Does this chaotic – and rapidly evolving […]

Startup Statistics

Interesting recent statistics on the difficulties of running a startup and the rise of social media… As a followup to our presentation at Digital Shoreditch, we thought we’d summarise the statistics we found in our research regarding startups and social media. Some are surprising while others seem obvious – particularly the way that branding and […]