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Why Branding is relevant for even the smallest business

When many small business people think about ‘branding‘ they often think about two things – the big consumer brands like Coca Cola, Orange, Nike etc, and the large baffling fees branding agencies seem to charge for the spurious and intangible benefits of following their advice. Terms like “Brand Alignment”, “Brand Awareness” and “Brand Building” makes […]

Startup Statistics

Interesting recent statistics on the difficulties of running a startup and the rise of social media… As a followup to our presentation at Digital Shoreditch, we thought we’d summarise the statistics we found in our research regarding startups and social media. Some are surprising while others seem obvious – particularly the way that branding and […]

Where’s the meat? Branding for startups and SMEs

As another followup to our presentation/discussion ’round table’ at Digital Shoreditch last week, I thought I’d summarise why we chose the topic we did and to highlight some tips when starting a new business, or when trying to grow an established one. With so many social media agencies at Digital Shoreditch, we thought it would […]

Brands Day @DigiShoreditch

Silverleaf was happy to be among the eager, inspiring – and very warm, thanks to a temperamental air con system – attendees of Brands Day at Digital Shoreditch. There was a great lineup of speakers, and two sessions of ‘Table Top’ discussions with several simultaneous topics across the venue that people could choose to participate […]