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First ‘Hard To Measure’ roundtable

The Challenges of Reputation… This  November 23rd of 2012, Karen Topp and James Bridgman (Creative director at Silverleaf) ran the first of a series of ‘Hard to Measure’ roundtable discussions, focussing on the difficulties of managing, measuring and tracking reputation as a key element of business success. They were joined by a great panel of experts from across […]

Startup Statistics

Interesting recent statistics on the difficulties of running a startup and the rise of social media… As a followup to our presentation at Digital Shoreditch, we thought we’d summarise the statistics we found in our research regarding startups and social media. Some are surprising while others seem obvious – particularly the way that branding and […]

Where’s the meat? Branding for startups and SMEs

As another followup to our presentation/discussion ’round table’ at Digital Shoreditch last week, I thought I’d summarise why we chose the topic we did and to highlight some tips when starting a new business, or when trying to grow an established one. With so many social media agencies at Digital Shoreditch, we thought it would […]