Tools for the ‘Global Technorati’ in 2014

Tools for the ‘Global Technorati’ in 2014

As I got into my Uber taxi last night in Camden, North London, posted my last Instagram record of the band, remembered to thank someone for connecting on LinkedIn (and suggesting to meet up when they were next in the country) it occurred to me that many people around the world were doing the same thing. With the rise of always-on connectivity, communication and collaboration, and the rise and rise of our ‘digital life’, there is a new demographic of connected people that no longer look at  ‘lifestyle brands’ to enhance their status, but identify with ‘enabling’ brands for their mobile, international lifestyle.

Brian Solis‘ book “What’s the Future of Business” entitles this group as ‘Generation C’ – where C stands for connected – a combination of different generations who are embracing this digital life. The group leading the charge into this new world, a new peer group is emerging who connect across the world (both virtually and in real life), the ‘Global Technorati’.

These tech savvy, gadget heavy, city-based entrepreneurs, often with an engineering and coding mindset, take everything they need with them via the digital devices they carry. They meet in clubs like The Hospital Club and Soho House in different (usually capital) cities around the world. They work for startups, or companies that attract them, or new tech based ‘blue chips’ like Google or Facebook.

To survive and thrive in this new flexible, international, digital lifestyle there is an increase use of intelligent filtering of social, business and news information and data, with a few influential ‘taste makers’ and specialist web sites. They effectively ‘curate’ the information that reaches them and their digital world. The digital tools created for small business become the personal swiss army knife for their digital lifestyle.

Just a few examples of the rise and rise of the non-geographic, always on, collaborative toolset are listed below.

Are you one of the ‘Global Technorati‘? Let us know if you use other tools in the comments below.


The right services:

  • MOO, Custom business cards, minicards, postcards, and more…
  • Airbnb, Holiday rentals, homes, apartments & accomodation
  • Uber, Taxi app
  • TripIt, Travel itinerary, trip planner
  • Taskrabbit, Your tasks done
Technorati 2014 tools

TaskRabbit: get small jobs done wherever you are

The right gear:

  • Pebble / Smart wearable tech
  • Tablets & Laptops
  • Smartphones
Technorati 2014 tools

Pebble puts critical apps and notifications on your wrist, giving you immediate access to what’s most important.

The right cloud infrastructure

Technorati 2014 tools

Remember The Milk: Never forget the milk (or anything else) again

The right filters

Technorati 2014 tools

Flipboard: personal magazine, filled with the things you care about

The right social content tools

Technorati 2014 tools

Swayy: share content with your audience on social media

Digital Tools for the Technorati



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